When and Where to spot the next UFO
As part of data school training, we got an interesting UFO dataset to build a Tableau dashboard and find a story. The source of data is web scrapping from the UFO information from https://nuforc.org/databank/ 
Used Alteryx to Scrape the data:

The data was not too complex to work with as it was a single dataset with few columns. The challenge was to find find a story and make an interactive dashboard. Hence, I initially loaded the dataset on Tableau. Later, analysed the dataset on the tableau by building relationships between the columns. I got a really good idea to build a story on where and when can we spot a UFO. Time was again the main factor to consider, hence I time-boxed it to finish one step at a time.
The story turned out to be really interesting and I was able to finish the dashboard on time. I was happy with my efforts as I followed the best practices. I learned that time management is the key to success and focusing on actions is important.

Link to my Dashboard: Coming Soon!