TV Show IMDb ratings
 We received assignment to create dashboard on IMDB data. The data wasn’t available in public domain, so it had to be fetched via IMDB API. It was challenging part, but as I love watching movies and tv series, hence understanding the data was easy.

I fetched dataset from IMDB API, I couldn’t able to find insights in the data. Hence, I had to supplement the data with another IMDB dataset. I was able to find insights on the IMDB TV series. After I analysed the dataset and created few charts, I realized that I lost track of time, and it was really late. Hence, I looked to focus on creating the MVP first and then enhance the dashboard.
Finally, the dataset turned out to be good in the limited time. I learned an important lesson today that no matter what ever the challenge comes up, mindset is the most important aspect to conquer any challenge.

Tableau public link to my Dashboard: