How I Cleared my Alteryx Core Exam:

During my training at The Data School, we were suggested by our coach to take the exam soon after our first encounter with Alteryx.

This exam is an opportunity to prove your skills with Designer, It is a pre-requisite for advanced level exams.

Skills Measured: Interface elements, basic tools and workflow building concepts.

Questions: 80 Questions

Exam Preparation: Core Certification Exam Prep Guide;

Tip: Keep your Alteryx Designer and Google open (All my Tips are really important)

Following is my Journey:

My First Attempt: Understand exam pattern (There were three types of questions)
a) Practical: Download data and then solve it in Alteryx Designer;
b) Multiple choice: All the options marked should be correct to get 1 mark
c) Single choice question.

Tip: First answer Practical and Single choice questions and then save multiple choice questions to attempt later if not sure.

Second attempt: This time prepared but failed due to lack of time (But understood the marking system)
a) Practical question: 3 marks
b) single choice :1 mark
c) Multiple choice:(all the options should be correct to get a complete 1 mark)

Tip: I saved the Data set from all the previous practical questions (which saved a lot of time in the next attempt)

Third Attempt:
I cleared it Successfully with help of Alteryx Designer and Google
A lot of questions were repeated, which helped save time.

It is an easy exam to clear if we adopt the right strategy to approach the exam.

All the best!