Day two of Dashboard week and today we are looking at computer chips!

As always, the first step is exploring the data. I know CPU and GPU, but for the rest of the data, a lot of the information is quite foreign to me. So, step one is researching what each column means whilst trying to keep in the back of my mind what I might be able to find with the data.


First Steps

After a quick look up of the data, I’m still not sure what I should focus on. As there is less cleaning and grouping require than yesterday, I have decided to jump straight from Alteryx into Tableau. I start making graphs to see if any visuals or patterns jump out at me.

I quickly go back to Alteryx in order to break the product name into its parts, to see if there is anything of insight there.

I’ve noticed that PlayStation and X-box are included in the data set. I am considering focusing on just this data for today as I thought that might be fun. However, I just checked the numbers and there just isn’t enough data, unfortunately. So I had to pivot and find a different angle for my dashboard.

The main problem with this data set is that there is not a huge amount you can explore, and it feels a bit like we will all be presenting the same dashboard tomorrow.


Decision Time

With that in mind, I wanted to try find a different angle so that our presentations tomorrow don’t get too boring.

After a bit more thinking and some exploring. I was looking into the product names column and noticed that some products like to use “buzz words” mixed in with the descriptive terms. I decided to focus on this for my dashboard.

Once again, we have a wonderful team here and we’re happy to help each other where we can. Today everyone leaned a bit on the resident computer geek to pick his brain on the technical terms covered in the data. After research and discussion, I decided to focus on process size, transistors and frequency.

Once I decided on my topic I went about putting together my dashboard.

I decided to try a black background and some brighter colours this time.


Final thoughts

There were still a lot of things I would have liked to have done for the dashboard today. But as is the nature of dashboard week, I have to make compromises for the time.


Emma Wishart
Author: Emma Wishart