“Learn What The Data School Learns”

Towards the end of our training period with The Data School, we are required to give training on one of the many topics we have learned over our four months training.


Can you learn with The Data School without signing up to the school?

This concept has been running for a long time with The Data School and has been labelled “Learn What The Data School Learns” (LWTDSL).  Anyone can sign up. If you have an interest in data (or any of the topics that we offer over the two days of training), register your interest or get in touch with The Data School.


For the LWTDSL process, we were divided into pairs and had to come up with a lesson plan together. One person teaches a topic while the other helps students to ensure everyone was on track for the training.


Before the training day, we decided on our pairs, our topics and wrote a short synopsis for each “class”. This synopsis was used to describe the free event listed on Event Bright.


Giving training

We had 14 people sign up to attend the event, but only two people attended on the day itself.


I was a bit nervous about the idea of having to teach strangers. This was particularly because I didn’t know their level of knowledge on the topic I would be teaching.


Because I was unsure about the skill level of attendees, I decided to stick to the basics. I chose to introduce students to some foundational Tableau dashboarding skills – focusing on Tableau Actions and Parameters. This was the perfect foundation for my partner Flory’s class which was on the topic of Dynamic Zoning in Tableau.



My reflections

The training is a great opportunity for us as students to really see how far we’ve come with our training. It was only months before that I was sitting behind a laptop watching someone else drag and drop things in Tableau while they explained. Now, I was the person standing behind the lectern explaining concepts to students. The ease with which I could explain things and answer questions really surprised me. I could also easily add extra nuggets of knowledge that I had not planned!


Having this experience was what really helped me to see how far I have come in my time with The Data School.


I was really happy by the end of the session. I believe both Flory and I did an excellent job teaching and that the attendees have gained a lot of knowledge from our time teaching them.


Emma Wishart
Author: Emma Wishart