With the 6th client project completed, we now enter into the infamous dashboard week. A week where we have to build a dashboard a day. For our first challenge, we have been tasked with to connect to transport NSW open data api and pull on any datasets we want. It’s also a good time to brush up on this skill as I haven’t connected to an api in awhile.

The Data

After taking a quick browse, I decided on something simple which was the ‘Rest Area NSW’ data. In my mind I somewhat had a story and just needed to connect to the api and then explore the data. To connect, we first have to register on the open data transport nsw website. We then had to send an application for an api key. Once you have the api key, you will then be able to use the endpoint to connect to the data.

To further help my story, I decided to create a poly line in Alteryx using a map input tool. I created 3 lines which are considered my road trip destinations.

The Dashboard

My dashboard is probably not the best as it is very simple. I decided to use mapbox for my map to make it a bit dark and gloomy. It fits well with the title: “will i survive the road trip?”. It’s a bit of dark humor that I wanted to incorporate in my story which I will only be able to do during training. It’s also a good break after all the client project we’ve been through.

Personal Feedback

Overall, I think I could have selected a more interesting dataset to explore however my main focus was on timeboxing which I believe I did a good job at. After reading other data schoolers blog, timeboxing is very important and its good to get used to especially before Friday comes.

Check out the viz here.

Eric Loi
Author: Eric Loi