With the first challenge completed, we move onto our 2nd challenge! Our 2nd challenge is hand given to us so there was no need to connect to an api like our first challenge. Challenge 2’s data is London Smart Meter.


Looking through the data and the number of different dataset, the data is relatively clean. There wasn’t much requirement in cleaning the data before usage. The only thing I had to do was join the different datasets available to enrich the dataset. Once I had my dataset ready, I decided to explore further to try and come up with a story. Unfortunately, the dataset isn’t very interesting and there was only 2 useful years of data. As I couldn’t come up with an interesting story, I decided to do things a different way. I decided to challenge myself and created a chart I’ve never created. One I will also not be using during client engagements, a Radial Bar Chart. For those interested, you can find the youtube link here.


I thought creating a Radial Bar Chart would be easy however its not as easy as it seems. You must have a good understanding of angle calculations and also table calculations. Luckily I can tick table calculation off however understand angle calculation may have to wait for another time. Following the video, I was successful in creating the radial bar chart however I then started to wonder how I could implement the story along with it and then got stuck for quite a period. In the end I pushed through with the idea and came up with this dashboard.


In a sense, this dashboard was creating for the purpose of attempting something different. It’s also meant to help with my presentation so its not exactly a self-explanatory dashboard if you were to see it on Tableau Public. I had fun creating the Radial Bar Chart however, if I were to go back in time, I probably wouldn’t have created this again. Trying to tell a story using this is very difficult!

Eric Loi
Author: Eric Loi