A new day, a new dashboard challenge.

Challenge number 3 is actually quite a breath of fresh air. Normally, we would have to either go find a dataset or we are given a dataset to explore. Instead, we are asked to use the ‘sample superstore’ dataset and incorporate the following: sales, profit, profit %, and number of orders. We then had to select a logo from logotyp and use it as the main concept of the dashboard.


I did some browsing and decided to use Google as my main concept when designing the dashboard. Everyone knows Google so its a very simple one to select from. The main colours were blue, red, yellow and green. As there was 4 colours, I based my design on 4 segments: sales, profit, quantity sold and quantity returned. For this challenge, i also decided to make my dashboard mobile friendly, so the design had to be simple to be accessible via mobile or tablet.

So how i designed the dashboard was to create column and put a segment in each column. Using vertical containers, I was able to adjust everything so that the final dashboard looks like this:


The above dashboard is a product which I am happy with. It fits the theme of Google. As for the dashboard below, its more on the practical side. It only shows colour based on what is important. For example, The figures in blue are figures that will change base on where you select on the Line Chart or if you were to select a category button on the top right. Based on the selected area, the % value will change. And for the last part, it will only show which region has the highest percentage.

Personal Feedback

Overall, I enjoyed today’s challenge of designing a dashboard. I did spend a bit too much time trying to think of what to present which in the end, is not the biggest deal as ‘the design‘ is the main focus of this challenge.

You can check my colourful and practical viz on Tableau Public.

Eric Loi
Author: Eric Loi