For day 2 of dashboard week, we were given data based on the trending YouTube videos in various countries. With this data, I decided to take an interesting focus. I supplemented data of the members from Hololive Productions, a V-tuber talent group.

To avoid this being a ten-part series explaining the phenomenon of a V-tuber, I will simply say that they are “Virtual YouTubers”.


Data Preparation

One of the first challenges I was met with was when the data was received. Most of the data was unreadable. To fix this, I changed the “Code Page” setting under the “workflow” tab of the configuration pane to “Unicode UTF-8”.

In order to find out which Hololive members had a trending video, I had to first find their YouTube channel ID. This required a lot of web scraping to eventually get to their channels, which contained their channel IDs. In the process I also got some other information. Specifically data about their channel performance and other information on their website profiles.

Merging all this information together, I was now able to move onto the dashboard.


The Dashboard

The dashboard looks at all the videos by Hololive members that have made it onto YouTube’s trending page. It also shows which member is responsible for the most trending videos as well as some channel statistics. One thing of note was that despite only having 2 trending videos, Gawr Gura exists in a league of her own in subscriber and average video view counts.

Ethan Tai
Author: Ethan Tai