Dashboard week day 4. Unlucky for some. Unlucky for me since I was flooded in at home.

The data received for today was from the Legatum Prosperity Index, a measure of the overall quality of life in different countries.


Data Preparation

The dataset from Legatum was clean but wide, meaning that it needed some pivoting to get it to a nice state. This can be shown below:

I did not use any supplementary data this time, so it was off to make a dashboard after that.



My dashboard for today was looking at countries that had major outlier performance indicators. These are indicators which ranked very differently compared to their overall rank). There was some challenge in making the parameters work across all the tables of data but I managed to get through it in the end. After making the charts I did a little bit of extra research. This was to try and understand the reasoning behind certain indicators being lower than the average.

Ethan Tai
Author: Ethan Tai