When presenting a dashboard in Tableau, it’s can be easier to see or to tell the story in the data. In Alteryx, most of the screen is icons connected by lines. So how do I present this to someone? Especially if I don’t have a dashboard to show from it?

Well, here are some tips to help you present an Alteryx Workflow.


Follow an example data point

Show an interesting data point. By doing this, your workflow has some sort of data conclusion that you can show to your audience. Additionally, it shows that your workflow actually works. You can do this by filtering out to a specific data point or group off to the side or with the browse tool.


Split your workflow into parts

Your workflow itself has its own logical journey even if it is just how data is prepared to be turned into a story. By splitting your workflow, the audience can follow along with the process as you’re presenting it. A good way split it is by sources, preparation and transformation. It’s also a good idea to colour code this. An example of this can be shown below:

Use the reporting tools in Alteryx

While not great, they are still useful in visualizing data when you don’t have a supplementary dashboard. The different types of reporting tools in Alteryx can be shown here.

Ethan Tai
Author: Ethan Tai