I’ve just updated my Tableau Public visual resume, and I have a spot of thoughts on it.

When you are doing a visualisation like this, it is quite natural you use a Gantt chart-like type of viz to present different stages/parts of your career journey. Also, it is quite natural (and rather automatic) that you build your “Gantt chart” as you would do it, let’s say, in MS Project: the first task in the left top corner, the next one somewhat lower and at the right of the first etc.

But, mind, it is NOT a project chart. In your resume, you need to highlight yourself climbing the career ladder and conquering new heights. If you visualise your career as an MS Project Gantt chart with parts of your career lining down from the left top corner to the bottom right, it will look like instead of climbing the ladder, you rather descend.

So, don’t forget: optimistic charts make the viewer’s eye follow the line from the bottom left corner towards the top right. If the eye should slide downwards from left to right, it makes everyone sad.

My solution for this — through the link.

Eugene Kutilov
Author: Eugene Kutilov

Eugene has a background in science with a master’s degree in quantum physics and decades-long experience in technology marketing. Eugene’s technology toolbox includes Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Python, R, GCS. He is a Tableau Certified Data Analyst, Microsoft Certified PowerBI Data Analyst (Associate), and Certified Alteryx Designer Advanced Specialist. He is also a Certified Data Scientist by Datacamp.