People in business are often accustomed to working with tables (Excel tables in particular), and switching from reading rows of numbers to some intricate data visualizations causes confusion at the very least.

In this case, we can try something mid-of-the-road, combining familiar characteristics of a table with some extra dataviz features. One option here is a heat map.

One of these types of enriched tables (plus inline bar charts) you can find in my last dashboard for our #dashboard week, dedicated to the economic impact of COVID19.

Eugene Kutilov
Author: Eugene Kutilov

Eugene has a background in science with a master’s degree in quantum physics and decades-long experience in technology marketing. Eugene’s technology toolbox includes Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Python, R, GCS. He is a Tableau Certified Data Analyst, Microsoft Certified PowerBI Data Analyst (Associate), and Certified Alteryx Designer Advanced Specialist. He is also a Certified Data Scientist by Datacamp.