Visual analysis is a powerful tool to detect anomalies and outliers in data, as long as you give the user the right tools to look with.

On our second day of the #dashboardweek, I tried to find an answer to the question “are there aliens among us or all that is just our imagination” by looking for anomalies in UFO reports. I thought of finding a site of an interstellar spaceport or something like it. so far I didn’t find a lot of unexplained behaviour out there: if people see more “objects”, it is just because there are more people out there. But maybe you will be luckier!

Check for extraterrestrials here:

Eugene Kutilov
Author: Eugene Kutilov

Eugene has a background in science with a master’s degree in quantum physics and decades-long experience in technology marketing. Eugene’s technology toolbox includes Alteryx, Tableau, PowerBI, SQL, Python, R, GCS. He is a Tableau Certified Data Analyst, Microsoft Certified PowerBI Data Analyst (Associate), and Certified Alteryx Designer Advanced Specialist. He is also a Certified Data Scientist by Datacamp.