Last day of dashboard week. It has been fun. Long hours but I enjoyed the process very much.

The Challenge

For this challenge, we were given a dataset of liquor sales for the state of Iowa in the US. Since Iowa is an alcohol controlled state, the state purchases alcohol directly from the distillers ( local and abroad) than wholesale to retailers. The ‘profit’ that the state generate is the liquor tax. On top of the liquor tax, retailers must collect a 6% sales tax from consumers.

Therefore, I have set out to calculate the total estimated tax revenue from sales of liquor including sales tax.

The Dashboard

You can access the dashboard here:

Next steps:

My next step would be calculating more tax. I know for a fact that the federal government taxes the distiller/ imported, therefore I could calculate the tax revenue collected by the federal government based on Iowa’s liquor sales.

Fabrice Joseph
Author: Fabrice Joseph

Originally from Mauritius, Fabrice moved to Australia to complete a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at the University of Queensland. Since graduating, Fabrice accumulated 7+ years of experience in primarily management accounting roles and a couple of entrepreneurial projects. Having encountered data in the accounting profession, Fabrice had developed a passion for analysing data, extracting insights and findings ways to improve his workflow. Such is his passion for data that he has data projects as hobbies. Data School was the natural next step for him to launch his career in data. Besides data, Fabrice has other interests such as yoga, reading books on ancient history and philosophy.