Originally scheduled to begin in April, our training was delayed by two months due to the Coronavirus lockdown. Fortunately, we were able to start in June as planned, with 8 people training together in one room, while strictly following social distancing rules. Now that one week has passed at the Data School, I have to say that even though I’ve learned a bit about the School’s training program, either from its online promotion brochure, or by conversing with people who’ve already been through the program, I still feel greatly surprised by what this program actually offers.


The Learning

A couple of things were totally beyond my expectations. First, I didn’t expect there could be so much learning all packed in one week. Alteryx, which was a completely new software to us before the program kicked off, has become our best friend at work.  Through the training we were able to quickly learn the most useful tools inside Alteryx and before we knew it, we were already tackling the Alteryx Community challenges.

Second, the training was way more diversified than I thought was. Even in the first week, we were very honored to hear a guest speech from Alteryx’s country manager, who demonstrated to us how Alteryx is helping major companies and institutions in this country to streamline their workflow and thus drive up revenue. In addition, on Friday, each of us gave a presentation of our Alteryx workflow in front of the coaches, classmates, and many other colleagues in the school (who joined via Zoom by the way), which was a bit daunting the first time doing it. But in retrospect, this is probably the fastest way to hone our presentation skills.


The Fun and Support

To say the first week is intense is just an under-estimation, but the most important part is it all happened in a very supportive and fun environment. Throughout the week, both the coaches and previous data schoolers have been very generous and patient in answering our questions and helping us solve technical issues we encountered while working on projects. And at the end of the week, there were drinks for people to socialize and mingle more deeply. After the first week, I’m already feeling at home while at the Data School, and the learning experience has been wonderful. I’m loving it!


To Apply or Not To Apply

So here comes the most important question:  should you also get into this program? Well, if you are someone who’s enthusiastic about data analytics, and who’s interested in digging into data and finding value out of it, whether you are just a fresh graduate or someone who wants to embark on a new career, I’m convinced that the Data School program is surely going to be a wonderful starting point towards probably a life-long journey.


Romy Li
Author: Romy Li

Data Consultant DSAU6