In the first day of Dashboard Week, we had to connect to the Twitch IGDB API and gather different types of gaming data. I decided I wanted to explore the evolution of gaming genres, so I connected to the games and genres endpoint.

The Twitch API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of tools and endpoints provided by Twitch, a popular live streaming platform primarily focused on video games, esports, and other creative content. The API allows developers to access various data and functionality provided by Twitch’s platform programmatically, enabling them to create custom applications, integrations, and tools that interact with Twitch’s ecosystem.

After doing some simple cleaning in Alteryx, I was ready to start constructing my dashboard. The dashboard explores how the number of gaming genres has changed from 1940 to 2022. It also examines how old different genres are. The most popular genre is the indie genre, with more than 54,000 games released over the time period. The last visualization on the dashboard uses a heat map to compare various genres and their changing metrics over time. The map explores when genres were the most popular, when they were growing the fastest, and also when the genre was born. To see the full dashboard, head over to my Tableau Public.


Felix Ralphs
Author: Felix Ralphs