In the fast-evolving landscape of literature consumption, electronic books (E-books) have emerged as a dominant force, reshaping the way readers access information. For the recent Dashboard Week Challenge 3, my mission was to dive into the NSW National Library statistics data and create an interactive dashboard that would unravel the intricacies of E-book circulation. The goal was to not only understand the overall growth but also to identify patterns and trends, shedding light on the locations where E-books are gaining traction the fastest.

Data Wrangling with Alteryx:

The journey began with raw data in Excel files from the NSW National Library statistics website. However, the files were far from being in a clean and usable format. To overcome this hurdle, I turned to Alteryx, a powerful data preparation tool. Using Alteryx, I loaded the data and selected the relevant sheets, employing the Data Cleanse tool to remove null columns and rows.

The Dynamic Renaming tool played a crucial role in refining the dataset by taking the first row as field names, ensuring consistency and clarity. Since the data spanned multiple years, I manually inputted each year and then unioned the tables together. To enhance the data’s structure, I transposed the tables, preparing them for seamless integration into Tableau.

Spatial Analysis with NSW Data Portal:

Understanding that location is key in uncovering trends, I sought spatial data for each library location from the NSW Data Portal. After a bit of cleanup, adjusting field names, I executed a join to link this spatial data to the existing dataset. Now armed with geographical context, the stage was set for a comprehensive exploration in Tableau.

Exploring Trends in Tableau:

Tableau proved to be the ideal platform for visualizing and interpreting the data. I delved into changes in E-book circulation, examining shifts in ratios, percentage differences, and conducting spatial analyses based on library locations. The interactive dashboard not only revealed the overall growth but also allowed users to explore nuances in circulation trends across different regions.


The NSW National Library statistics data provided a rich source of information, and through the power of Alteryx and Tableau, I was able to extract meaningful insights into the growing popularity of E-books.

To delve deeper into the findings, head to my Tableau Public profile and explore the full dashboard at :


Felix Ralphs
Author: Felix Ralphs