Day 5

For the final day of Dashboard Week, we focused on an Oscars dataset, encompassing information about every nominee and winner across all categories since the inception of the Oscars. The goal was to explore the work of renowned directors, analyzing their films’ Oscar nominations and wins over time.

Users can select a category, genre, or year to interactively filter films by director, viewing details such as the nominated category and the nominee. While the dataset was already in good condition, additional fields, including director and film information, were necessary for this visualization.

To supplement the data, I obtained a comprehensive dataset spanning films from 1970 to the present day, containing details such as directors, budgets, and gross income. Using Alteryx, I integrated these datasets. Unfortunately, some rows from the Oscars dataset were lost for films made before 1970.

The resulting dashboard provides a streamlined way to explore the highest-performing films by acclaimed directors in terms of awards. This tool is invaluable for discovering films aligned with one’s interests, whether it’s a preference for great soundtracks or specific genres.

To explore the dashboard, visit my Tableau Public page:


Felix Ralphs
Author: Felix Ralphs