Embracing the vastness of the Star Trek universe – spanning TV series, movies, and books – I’ve designed an interactive Tableau dashboard to navigate this cosmos. A star-spangled space image serves as a thematic backdrop, immersing users in the Star Trek ambiance from the start. If you’re interested in exploring the entire dashboard, you can access it through the following link.

1. The Stellar Homepage:

The homepage acts as the dashboard’s control center, guiding viewers to the respective Movies, Books, and TV Series dashboards.

2. The TV Series Dashboard:

The TV Series dashboard focuses on the various Star Trek TV shows. The Star Trek logo is designed with star-shaped graphics, each symbolizing an episode from the TV series and offering a snapshot summary of that episode.

The use of a Voronoi diagram provides a visual representation of the quantity of seasons found in different TV series, as well as the number of episodes in each season. The inclusion of a square pattern draws parallels with a universal Noah’s Ark, thereby enhancing the technological feel of the overall design. The surrounding square architecture promotes interaction between the logo graphics and associated literature placed beneath.

3.The Movies Dashboard:

The Movies dashboard offers a temporal analysis of the Star Trek movies. A timeline of movie releases is presented as a line chart, providing a historical perspective.

4.The Books Dashboard:

The Books dashboard captures the literary dimension of Star Trek. The three-tier bookshelves represent books in different time periods, and users can query book information according to time.

5. Unified Aesthetics & Functionality:

Across all dashboards, a consistent aesthetic is maintained, in sync with the space-themed backdrop. The color scheme complements the background, ensuring legibility and visual appeal.


Flory Hou
Author: Flory Hou