Hello everyone, the first week dedicated to Tableau education has concluded. I’ve acknowledged the need for more practice, and as a result, I plan to develop a basic Tableau dashboard each week that organizes the various types of visualizations I’ve learned. If you’re interested in accompanying me on this endeavor, don’t hesitate to comment on my blog!

This week, I discovered a simple Tableau dashboard on Tableau Public that effectively covers a majority of the concepts taught by Chantel. I’ve found this dashboard, and the data source can be accessed here:https://data.world/markbradbourne/rwfd-real-world-fake-data/workspace/file?filename=Call+Center.csv. However, the dashboard doesn’t provide the option to download it as a TWBX file. Consequently, I’m uncertain if my answers are correct. I encourage you all to identify any inaccuracies in my dashboard and share your feedback.

The image below showcases my current dashboard, though I haven’t completed the design aspect yet. It’s essentially a compilation of the charts I’ve created thus far. I plan to reorganize it in the future, so be sure to follow my Tableau URL. This dashboard encompasses a wide range of concepts from the first week, such as sets and groups, parameters and calculated fields, bar charts, donut charts, and more.

In conclusion, I’d like to express my gratitude to my wonderful tutors, Shane and Chantel, for her guidance in helping me learn more about Tableau. Additionally, I want to thank my seven charming and talented coworkers, whom I’ve bothered quite a bit during our training sessions. Your support is much appreciated!


Flory Hou
Author: Flory Hou