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I realize that there could be others out there who, like me, are novices in Tableau and Alteryx. Having spent an entire day immersed in training, I craved resources that could solidify my comprehension of what we covered. My search led me to several YouTube influencers who I found incredibly helpful. So, today I’m thrilled to share a few of them with you.



This channel is an excellent resource for those just starting their Tableau journey. Belle meticulously breaks down various Tableau features in a step-by-step, structured manner. Each topic comes with its own PowerPoint presentation, making the content engaging and easy to follow. Moreover, she incorporates a wealth of relevant information corresponding to each feature, including real-world business applications and compelling imagery.

Tableau Tim

Tim is another Tableau expert who specializes in dissecting complex functionalities of the platform. His classes on specific functions such as index(), ATTR(), etc., are exceptionally insightful.

Andy Kriebel

A renowned figure in the Tableau community, Andy is a Tableau Zen Master and the author of “Make over Monday.” His content is fairly advanced and often delves into topics like Dashboard design and color theory, amongst other things.


AB Data Consulting

As someone completely new to Alteryx, a tool I’d never encountered before, I found this channel to be a treasure trove of information. It hosts a myriad of demos for commonly used tools. Therefore, this YouTube channel is particularly suitable for anyone starting their journey with Alteryx.

Alteryx Community

Learning about the tools is one thing, but putting that knowledge into practice is another. That’s where the Alteryx Community comes in. It’s an excellent resource to help us utilize the tools in a variety of scenarios.



This website is nothing short of amazing. It lets you select any color from an image of your choice, allowing you to create and save your own color palettes for future use.

Viz of the Day

This resource compiles numerous dashboards boasting excellent design and analysis. You can download an entire dashboard and examine each element in detail, step-by-step. This can be a great source of inspiration and learning for your future data visualization projects.

If you stumble upon any intriguing content or resources, I’d be delighted if you could share them in the comments section of my blog. I’m always eager to learn from my readers’ experiences and discoveries. Looking forward to your insights!

Flory Hou
Author: Flory Hou