Today was the first day of dashboard week; every Data School learner will eventually enter this week to create great data visualization dashboards over a week. It’s time to put what I’ve learned over the last four months of intensive training into the real world

The Data set
Today’s challenge is to make a dashboard of ACNC register of Australian charities data set(ACNC Register of Australian charities | Resources | – beta).

The dataset is a “wide” table with a category field only. For the best practice of data visualization, I use the Alteryx to transform the “wide” table to the “narrow” table. The strategy used here is to group by the column with the same topic, convert it to a narrow table, and eventually combine all transformed tables to a single “narrow” table.

Here is my Alteryx workflow; as you may notice that I grouped the columns by “ Charity operating locations,” “charity subtypes,” and “charity beneficiaries.”

The Dashboard

After analyzing the data, I came up with a story of looking at establishing Australian charities over time. There is a lot of interesting points I found in the data set. Here is my finding in the dataset:

(1)Since 1889, 55,634 charities have been established in Australia; Beginning in 1980, a large number of charities have emerged. From the 1980s to 2000, about 27% of charities were found, 2% more than those established in the past 100 years;

(2)Since 2000, there has been explosive growth in the establishment of charities. In just 20 years until 2020, about 48% of charities have been established

Charities for the goal of “Advancing social or public welfare” have grown five times since 2010, followed by “Advancing Health”, which has grown three times since 2010.

(3)The beneficiaries of charities are mainly “general_Community_in-Australia” accounting for about 7.7%, followed by young people and adults accounting for 7.1% and 6.4%;

(4)In “Advancing social or public welfare,” the target of beneficiaries is “Financially_Disadvantaged,” which has a sudden increase after 2010. This may be due to the economic depression after the economic crisis in 2008

The dashboard I make not only presents the trend of the established number of charities over time. But also show the operation location over Australia, and you can also find a specific charity by filter and view it by the link in the dashboard.

Gary Li
Author: Gary Li