Do you think of visualizing calendar dates in a circular view? If not, I will show you how to make a Calendar Circle Chart achieve it. The approach is to make all the dates in a year in seven-layer circles with the dates grouped by months.

I will demonstrate it by using the default Sample Super Store data set in Tableau. Let’s open the data set and start to make it.

Step 1: Create two control parameters, the first parameter is called “Depth”  and a second parameter named “Distance”(Both Integer Type); The “Depth” indicate how may layer do you have.

Step2: Create the following calculated fields

(1) Index:

(2)  TC_Date Item:

(3)  X:
SIN(RADIANS([TC_Date Item]))

(4)  Y:
COS(RADIANS([TC_Date Item]))

Step3: Drag Order Date into Filters and also drag Region and X into  the column, take Y in row and Order Date in detail as below figure show

Step 4: right-click X and Y to enable table calculation and computing using “ Order date”

Step 5: Now, as you can see, it is almost there, it looks stack together; Let fix it by creating a  calculated field Spacing(360/53) and  modify the X and Y to give this additional space between the circle point by multiply Spacing

Modify X: 
        SIN(RADIANS([TC_Date Item]*[Spacing]))

Modify Y: 
        COS(RADIANS([TC_Date Item]*[Spacing]))

Step 6: Create a distance calculation as each circle point has 7 points indicates the days in a specific week. We want them to be pushed out away from the center.


Step 7: Let modify X, Y  again by multiply TC_Distance

Modify X:
         SIN(RADIANS([TC_Date Item]*[Spacing]))*[TC_Distance]

Modify Y:
        COS(RADIANS([TC_Date Item]*[Spacing]))* [TC_Distance]


Setp8: Drag order date to color and then change the chart type to circle and now you can see almost there. The last step is to drag the sales to size and here we have it.


Wow, we have made it. I hope you will find this informative.

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Gary Li
Author: Gary Li