Age of the Olympics

On day two of dashboard week, we were provided with a colossal amount of Olympics data. It was pleasantly clean and looked great for analysis! The real challenge lying within was to find a story that hadn’t been told before…

It took me most of the morning to establish an interesting and untold Olympic Games story, even with my enthusiasm for such an interesting topic. In the end time was ticking and I decided to apply my own many years of experience playing sports and look at the dataset as a whole (instead of running with a single type of sport or athlete – if you’ll pardon the pun). Looking at my personal sporting history I soon realized that age played a large role in which sports I enjoyed most at different points in my life. I wanted to examine how long athletes competed for and if this impacted different sports played as well as how age and gender impacted medals won.

Through investigating my data visualization, I was able to gather that:

  • Certain sports and events have an optimal age range for different genders
  • Less physically intensive sports demonstrated a wide age range
  • Experience generally paid off
  • There is always a chance no matter your age!

Can you find any other interesting trends? Have a look here.



Georgia Thomas
Author: Georgia Thomas