If your ever browsing tableau public, you’ll see visualizations with custom graphics or images that really tie the Viz together in making a nice themed visualization. How is this possible? Well usually the answer is photoshop and that will most likely be the answer going forward as its the biggest photo editing software on the market but there are always alternatives.


Photo Editing Alternatives

Pixlr is amazing for what it provides both, free and entirely online. Its editor has nearly all the basic features you’d want out of photoshop and to work and edit something quickly without even having to download anything makes it one of the best.

If your looking for the same style of program to photoshop but simply free. Then look no further then GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). This has always been the go-to alternative and stands as one of the best if your looking for software that’s free. As a photoshop user though it might be hard to get to use as the look and feel (shortcuts included) are a bit different but if your welcome to modding the software, you can get it right back as you wanted with PhotoGIMP.


Where to get images to use?

FlatIcon is one of the best websites when it comes to needing small graphics and icons for anything. This is highly useful as the website allows you to search by style and find anything you might want by the same style, keeping the Viz consistent across any sheets you may use. The website is great to use when making any custom shapes within Tableau. With all that being said though most icon packs found on the website are not completely free of use and do require credit given. So usually put a small text credit where you can on a hover or footer.

When looking for full images to use and even have rights to manipulate, Unsplash is amazing for this. Has plenty of images for use and even dont have to credit (unless you want to!). Only issue with the website is to be careful of the headings as the website will put adverts at the top and bottom of the page, showing images that are ads.