When you have a lot of categories, sometimes you might want to have more then one view to display to the viewer. Though there is not always room on a Viz to display a drilled down version of Measures by a specific Category and show the overview of all the categories. You can use filter actions in order to filter an entire other Viz by a certain value clicked on in a main Viz.

For this example, I will show a very simple Superstore Viz to show the basics.

These are two different dashboards, on the left the main dashboard which is showing categories and sub-categories a user can click on these and it will send them to the dashboard on the right which will update the title to what they have clicked and the data shown will update for only that subcategory.

In order to achieve this, tableau makes it easy. With action filters you can simply target another Viz with a filter and it will auto switch to this, the action on the right is showing this. Where the Title is simply every category on a sheet of its own but when filtered by the action will only show one which is the title we want. The chart will auto filter to only one subcategory. So when a user selects a subcategory it will send them to the next Viz and filter everything selected to that one subcategory. Though in order to change the user has to go back so in order to allow this make a navigation button somewhere on the second viz to link it back.

This has so many practical applications beyond the simple example shown here and can be used in many fun ways as well! Click here to see an example of this in use in a larger example. This was from a Christmas challenge given to us at The Data School. Using Spotify data to map the world on music streaming dataset.