Building sheets and visualisations in Tableau takes up a lot of time and when on a crunch, you might need to take the quickest and most efficient path to the result your looking for. Tableau has a lot of features within it in order to save time on repeat tasks or even shortcuts to do certain tasks faster then is usually done.

Hold right click instead of left when dropping a dimension or measure

Usually when moving a measure or dimension onto the sheet you hold left click and drop it where it needs to go. This will drop the field as the default aggregation which might not always be what you want. If your using large data sets this can also cause a lot of lag on the software as tableau has to process what your using before rendering it. To save time and save processing power, hold right click to move your fields onto the sheet next time, as seen on the right this will open up a menu to choose how you want it to be displayed on the sheet and saves some time when creating visualisations.

Hold Control to Copy Data 

Hold Control and click a field and drag it elsewhere this will create a copy to place anywhere else. This saves a lot of time in large datasets where finding the data you require might take a lot of scrolling. If you intend to reuse data on a sheet then hold control and drag it along to copy it to another location.

Copy & Paste Formatting

Everyone knows you can copy and paste sheets as well as duplicate them but in the same menu holds the copy and paste formatting options. These features are not to be underestimated when creating visualisations that use the same designs. When creating a sheet you might go through a lot just to get the formatting right. Even if you have another sheet which might be using a completely different chart or diagram, you will be surprised at how much formatting will carry over. Depending on the work, this could save a lot of time that would be spent redoing formatting between sheets.