Today was day 2 of Dashboard week and our task was to Visualise UFC data from  Kaggle.

The biggest challenge was to understand all the features and to choose which are the important feature for my story. This data set had 137 Features and 4335 rows.

Data Prep

When I compare with my Data prep for Yesterday, this was quite straight forward and easy.

I had to first understand the granularity of the date. Each row has a single bout, which had both opponent and fighter in the same row. I had to split them into 2 rows to get my level of granularity to each row per player. Each column had either a ‘R’ or ‘B’ to identify to which person the data belongs to.

I had to create a work flow to split the “R” and “B” s in separate table and then to union back to get a fighter per row.

This is my workflow in Alteryx.

I used the select tool to remove unwanted columns and a record ID to identify each bout and then finally unioned the data.

Data Visualisation

The Next step was to Story board my Dashboard and Creating the Dashboard. I decided to focus How Female Players have performed when compared to Male. I Went through Tableau Public Gallery for some inspirational Ideas before starting on my Dashboard. I wanted to try a different dashboard design, something different from my client project Dashboards.

Here is my take on the UFC data focusing on Female players.

It has been tough 2 days. Looking forward to see what we have for tomorrow.

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu