Today is the 4th day of Dashboard Week. The task for today is creating a dashboard on Cocktails using the api. It was a straightforward data. But the catch was we had to use Tableau version 8.4

Data Prep

It was straight forward to pull data from the cocktail db api. They had different Endpoints to pull different aspect of data. For instance you could search for a cocktail by ingredient, name or even by a alphabet. I decided to use starting letter of the cocktail name to pull all the data.

Then did a similar process to what I did on Monday to transform the json data.

I also extracted the alcohol details from the API to get the Alcohol by value, and the type of alcohol from the ingredient. Cocktail db also had popular cocktail list, I downloaded that as well and joined with my existing data.I had to output it as a Tableau Data Extract as the Tableau 8.4 doesn’t support Hyper files.

Data Visualization

So the main challenge today was using Tableau 8.4 version. The Look and feel of tableau 8.4 is very primitive and took me some time to get my head around. What I wanted to create for my viz was a dashboard to easily pick the cocktail using all the filters to narrow down. I created filters like alcohol type, number of ingredients, glass type, popular cocktail etc. When you pick a cocktail, it would display the image, ingredient list and method of how to make that cocktail.


It was a really good challenge to explore how much tableau has improved in the last couple of years.

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu