This Week is the much anticipated week, “The Dashboard Week” ! We were given a topic in the morning to find a API that we are interested to Analyse and create a viz, Using all the skills we learnt in the past 4 months.

Finding the correct API was the toughest challenge for me, I spent almost 3 hours just looking at various API’s. Finally, I found which has food recipes and Nutritional Analyses.

Data Prep

Most of the time was spent on Data Prep. Trying to understand the API Calls choosing all the suitable parameter for my Analyses was a challenge. I had to create a batch macro to pull recipes for each category and cuisine type. Also had to create different end points to get the Popular Recipes.

I had to use an append tool to create all the combination before I could pass it on to my batch macro.

After getting my input list sorted, I created a batch macro to iterate through each category cuisine type to get the recipes one by one. And then transforming the Jason to a understandable table format.

The last task in Data prep was to transform the data to a better format so that it is easier to create a suitable viz in tableau. I had to break big chunks of row data to separate rows. Had to create a category column to add the category data I used in my API call.

Data Prep took the most hours for this project. But I had to back and forth from Ateryx to Tableau to get the data in the right format. But unfortunately, during this process I exceeded my API call Limit and couldn’t work on it for few hours.

Data Visualisation

What I wanted to build was a viz which to choose healthy meal options, but before I could get to the level, I had serious issues with my API limit and couldn’t pull any more data.

Therefore, I decided to build a viz with what I had.

I wanted to have Calories and Ratings as the main Key metric to decide on which recipe I am interested to check it out.  Along with Allergy type and Diet options.

I was also interested to check the nutritional value, Cooking Time and the image   for the chosen recipe.

Now I can Use my Viz to find a healthy recipe!

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu