Parameter actions are a very powerful way of interacting with the user. Users can dynamically change the value buy interacting with it.

In this blog I am going to show how we can drill down using Parameter Actions.

I am going to use the superstore data for this exercise.

  1. Create a view with Category and Sum(Sales) as a bar chart

2. Create Parameter

             Create an empty parameter with type string.

3. Create a calculated field for the above created Parameter.

This calculated field will drill down to Sub-Category if you select the Category.

4. Drag the new calculated field to the view

5. Create the Parameter Action.

I have Selected “Select” as my Run on Action, because I want to drill down when I click on the Category.

Target Parameter is the Empty Parameter which we created.

Field is the Calculated Field which we created.

6. Create a new calculated field to give a different color for Category and Sub-Category.


Make it Discrete and drag it to color.



Interactive Drill down using Parameter Action is ready!

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu