set actions are used to let the user interact directly with the dashboard to control their analysis. Set Action uses a set to update a value based on user selection.

I will show you how easily the set actions can be used in a timeline to select multiple dates for analysis.

I have used a Victorian Crashes data set to create a dashboard, which shows details of number of crashes on selected dates. In this Dashboard the values in the Heatmap and the 2 bar charts will dynamically change when different dates are chosen in the timeline.

  1. We first need to create set for the timeline.

Right click on a date on the timeline and select “Create Set”

Give a name for the set and click “ok”


2. Now We can go to the dashboard to create a set Action.

In the Add Actions select the “Change Set Values”

There are few things that we have to configure for Set Actions.

  1. 1.In the Source sheet, we need to select the TimeLine Work Sheet.
  2. In the Data Source, Specify the correct data source
  3. in the Set, select the set that was created.
  4. select “Select” on run action: Set Action Runs when a user clicks a mark in the view.
  5. Select “Assign values to set” this option Replaces all values in the set with the values selected.
  6. Select “Add all values to set” . this would add all possible values to the set when the selection is cleared in the view

Now the Set Action is ready for the user to dynamically select the dates!

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu