My first interest in Data Visualization started when I had to do a course in Data Science during my post graduate studies. My usual criteria in selecting a course was to check whether there is some coding component to it since that is one of my stronger skill set. I was procrastinating to do that course since reading the course outline because I didn’t find anything exciting about studying it. But it was a core subject and I had to complete it at some point.  Eventually I enrolled and after 2 weeks into the course I fell in love with the course contents. I still remember my first assignment where I had to use any visualization tool available to put together my first visualization. I remember ended up using a free open source visualization tool called ‘Gephi’ to map geographical data on Air Travel. Below is the image of my first visualization.

Since then I started exploring new tools and found Tableau. Tableau transforming the way people use data to solve problems. It will make analysing data fast and easy, beautiful and useful. I gradually started learning Tableau and that’s when I bumped into The Data School. After some careful thought I found that would be my best option where I could be trained with commercial data and projects while gaining financial benefit at the same time. Most of the time even though we get to learn something new we never get the opportunity to learn with real projects. This is the difference between other training programs and The Data School where we get to work with REAL clients.

How I got into The Data School

In order to apply for The Data School program, I built a Tableau dashboard with my beginner skills and applied in late 2018 but didn’t impress the coach with my dashboard. With their constant feedback I was able to build a better dashboard with additional features for this year’s program and was finally succeeded. The whole application process itself was a huge learning curve for me. This whole experience was very valuable and motivated to realize to never give up after the first attempt. Our coaches Craig and David gave constructive ideas and guidance with feedback on how we can improve the design the dashboard more dynamic feature rich and user friendly.

My 1st week experience at The Data School

Each and every staff member and all the cohorts were very friendly and helpful rendered invaluable support during my time at The Data School. It would be an understatement if I say that the training is awesome, you will never get hands on training like this at any other place. During this course it gave me tremendous opportunity to learn lots of techniques and methodologies with valuable tips put me on a path of success is remarkable which a life time experience of a steep learning curve.The problems and issues encountered while carrying out projects were really challenging which was very helpful in applying and learning corrective techniques to overcome challenges.

I am indeed glad that this is the right decision to plunge into this study program despite many personal circumstantial barriers. Hope this would help me to spearhead my goals to go forward with strength to strength from here onward.

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu