It is indeed a wonderful experience at Data School and at the end of 4-month training I felt very satisfied. I was able to gather so much of information and knowledge learned through different modes and it is high time to recollect and recall one by one that would put us on the correct path. I faced with great challenge and daunting task to cope up with dreadful COVID19 pandemic threatened normalcy of the country when the training session commenced. When I look back it is an incredible journey of acquiring knowledge but filled with uncertainties and risks. Nevertheless, the training is really worth it and I am very proud of my decision to join Data School.


First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to thank both the coaches Craig and David to have rendered selfless support and guidance throughout the training sessions. I really learnt quite a lot from both of them. Their experience in both technicality and in business were immensely helped us to solve many problems very easily.

What did we learn?

We had wide variety of technical and soft skills on top of the main subject of Tableau and Alteryx.

Some of the skills were SQL, Power BI, Tableau Server, Alteryx Server, Salesforce, Web scraping, API calls, Tableau Prep, Data Modelling, Agile, Predictive Modelling, Requirement gathering, Presentation Skills , Google Analytics, Data Warehouse, Documentations and Visual Best practices.


Tableau and Alteryx

The first month was engaged in full of training on tableau, Alteryx and some of the soft skills needed for client project to enable us to get us on track on client projects and certifications.

I am really surprised that the extent of knowledge I have gained within the 16 weeks of training is awesome. From nothing to creating iterative macros in Alteryx very comfortably.  And all the tableau LOD’s and date calculations which I found it very tough before the training.


Alteryx core certification was relatively easier than Tableau.

I knew nothing about Alteryx before I attended the first day of Data School but within the couple of weeks I was able to become remarkably familiar to do the Alteryx certification without any hard-core exam preparation. This is one good proof that how good the training is.

Tableau certification was little trickier than the Alteryx exam. So I needed some extra work on exam practice to get the timing for the exam.

Client Project

Client projects were quite challenging. We were given the brief on Monday morning and are asked to deliver it at 3 pm on Friday. We also had training sessions during the week, which we were left with mere 2.5 days to complete the project. But it was a mock version of real time client-based projects, we must complete within tight deadlines.

We also got to work across various industries such as Education sector up to Telco.

It gave us real taste of working with different versions of the software applications and not much of  data. We also realized how much of time we have to spend in cleaning and doing data prep before we could actually visualize.

We also got the Opportunity to Lead a project, which taught us lots of Project Management skills.


Teaching Week

We also got the opportunity to run a training session on zoom. It was the first hand experience and exposure for me to train a group of people remotely. I would have preferred to have it in a classroom style rather than in a remote session but unfortunately the ground situation was not at all conducive. It really gave me an extensive learning opportunity for me as well, both technically and soft skills especially when questions were asked by the students on the subject matter.


We also received strong support from the previous cohorts and MIP consultants whenever we needed help. They were all willing to share their skills and experience in a very professional and helpful manner.

I am very excited and looking forward for Client placements and Internal Projects.

Hope this is going to be the end of a new beginning.

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu