Tableau provides the tabcmd command-line utility which you can use to automate site administration tasks on your Tableau Server site. For example, creating or deleting users, projects, and groups.

In this blog I am going to show how to automate tabcmd using Alteryx.


First make sure you have the tabcmd installed.

You can follow instructions on how to do this in this link below.

Today I’m going to show how we can Automate to  create a project in Tableau Server.

You can find all the tabcmd commands in the link below.

  1. I will first explain the necessary commands before showing how to do this in Alteryx.
  • First we need to change the path for the utility command location if On a Windows computer, if you installed tabcmd on a computer other than the initial node, change to the directory where you installed tabcmd.

It would be something like

“cd C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\2020.2\extras\Command Line Utility\”

  • Then we have to login to the tableau server

The following command demonstrates starting a session with the Tableau Server.

“tabcmd login -s [your server URL] -u [username] -p [Password]”

Replace the text with [xxx] your server URL, user name and password.

  • Now we can create a project using the command below.

“tabcmd createproject –parent-project-path “Root Project”  -n “Alteryx project” -d “Creating a new alteryx project in the Root Project” “

“–parent-project-path “ Specifies the name of the parent project for the nested project as specified with the -n option.

“-d” is specifies the description of the project.


  1. Now we will see how to create this in Alteryx.

We are going to create a text file which has the Tableau server URL, username, Password and the project name. then we are going to create formula to replace the command with the text input values to create the tabcommand which we create in Step 1.

Then we are going to use a a Run Command Tool to run a .bat to execute all the tabcmd commands.

  1. We need a text input tool to pass the Tableau server URL, Username, Password and the Project Name.

2. Now we need to create the commands using the formula tool.

3. Now we need a Union tool to union all the commands.

4. You can use the select tool to only Select the Command Field. Which has all the 3 commands we generated.

5. We now need a Run Command Tool to create a .bat file to run our commands.

Click Run to create the Project in your Tableau Server!


Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu