Its been six weeks since I joined The Data School, have learned a tremendous amount of Alteryx and Tableau.I thought of sharing some of the tricks and tip in Tableau, which I found Useful.

1.Moving the table calculation to measures pane to use it in different calculations.


    1. Press Ctrl and drag the table calculation to the Data Pane.
    2. New calculated field will be created.
      1. 3. You can rename it as you need
        1. 2.How to add dynamic title

one useful scenario where you will be using the dynamic title is in viz animation. For Example if the animation shows the changes in population over the years.We can dynamically show the current year in the title.

    1. Double click on the title to edit.
    2. Click insert and choose “Page Name” from the menu.


3. Use Parameters as placeholders in a dynamic Calculated Field.

For  example If we want to give the user to choose a measure.

  1. You can create a Parameter. In this example you can create a Parameter which contains 2 values that the user can select . show can then show the parameter by right clicking the parameter and selecting ‘Show Parameter’.


2.. Based on the user selection calculated field will calculate the MAX of Order Date or Shipping Date. The actual values in the parameter should be used in the calculated field, not the ‘Display As’ values.

3. This is extremely useful in creating a dynamic calculated field that changes based on user selection.



4. How to quickly add a label to the view?
  1. Double click on Row, column shelf to create a field.
  2. Within quotes add the text



5. How to Zoom into a country in Maps?

Create a Action Filter.

  1. The source and the target sheet should have the same map work sheet.

Harsha Kunchu
Author: Harsha Kunchu