Let’s talk about Custom Territories now. Do you know what is it?

This is one feature that Tableau allows you to group locations to create your own territory on your map view. As an example, you can create a sales territory for your company. Isn’t nice?

So, are you interested to learn how to do it?

Then, let’s go to one of the options to you create a custom territory in your map.

Step 1: Plot your map on the canvas. In this example I am using US map as you can see below.

Step 2: Now I will divide this map in two parts (half). To do that you need to select the “rectangular selection”.

Step 3: After selecting the rectangular selection, click and drag over the states that you want in your custom Territory.

Step 4: Now you need to hover over one of those states that are selected and then you must select the states that you want.

As a result, you can see in the picture below that we have got a legend on the top right corner where the blue colour represents the states that we have selected and everything else are represented by the grey colour. Automatically, Tableau has created a group in the data pane where the pill has a symbol that means a group created in a geographic field.

Step 5: Now, it would be nice if you rename the groups. So, you just go to the group pill, select “edit group” on the data pane and rename the groups as you wish to get a legend with new names.




Step 6: The last thing that you could do is to change the colour of the two halfs. To do that you just need to put the group that you have created on colour in the “marks card” and then select the colours that you wish for your map.

I hope you have enjoyed learning it.