Tableau is a visual analytics tool and it  provides excellent analytical based on map to give you insights. Now we are going to talk about how to customise the look of your map.

First you need to select the option “Map” on menu and “Background Layers”.

On the “Background” you can select the style as you want and observe how it affected the visualizations as you can see at the picture below as a example:






One important feature that Tableau provide is the “Background map layers” . We can find various options like Base, Terrain and so on to change the level of detail on map showing or hiding layers on your background map as you wish.

Showing all the details:

Showing less details:

Map Layers are those feature provided by Tableau that  its based  to improve the visualization and dynamic character.

That’s is something that you can do to customise  the map but you can go further and play more with the layer and more.

I encourage you to see what more could be done to customise your map and make it pretty cool.

Thanks for reading this blog.