Do you know what requirement is and how it is important to your project?

Requirement gathering is the process used to identify what the project needs and what it is necessary to be created to make the project happening and achieve what is expect as a result.

Gathering requirements is beneficial because it will increase the project success rate and reduce the cost. But inadequate requirement documents can damage a project in multiple ways and even make the project to fail.

How to do a requirement gathering?

The first step is to understand what the stakeholders think the project need to address. This is very trick. However, there are many different tools as brainstorming sessions, process diagramming, survey and prototyping that could help to collect information.

Do not make assumptions about requirements instead of it ask lots of questions to understand as much as you can and confirm everything with the stakeholders. Always keep in mind that gathering requirement it is about “what” and not “how”.

Other important thing when you are gathering requirement to the project is to keep in mind that even the best gatherer is going to miss something in this process. Thus, it is necessary to manage the requirements throughout the entire project.

Make a good documentation of requirements and organise it. This document will be a source of information about the project`s goals to everybody.

After you get all the documentation done you better getting approval from stakeholders and just proceed to the next phase of the project to avoid further problem in the future.

This is a summarize of good practices to follow when you are implementing requirement gathering process.

I hope this content is going to be useful to your gathering process.