Driven by higher energy demand, global energy-related CO2 emissions rose to a historic high of 33.1 Gt CO2. While overall emissions from all fossil fuels increased, the power sector accounted for nearly two-thirds of emissions growth. This is a big concern since CO2 emissions are the largest contributor to the global warming.

Here we can seen where in the world does  emit the most carbon dioxide (CO2) each year based in generation of energy.


These chart below is showing what is the means source of fuel used to generate energy in the world. As we can see fuel source as oil, coal and gas still being using in large scale to generate energy and then it is doing a huge contribution to CO2 emission in the world.


The visualization below is showing the annual CO2 emissions by country  in relation to others, and relative to the total. Here each inner rectangle represents a country – which are then nested and coloured by region. The size of each rectangle corresponds to its annual CO2 emissions in 2017. Combined, all rectangles represent the global total.

As we can see we still generating most of the energy using fuel source that that do more emission of CO2.

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