Many of us struggle and get nervous to perform a presentation. But we should know that it is a valuable skill for Data Analytics. In this field It is very important communicating the thoughts and explaining analyses, dashboards and so on.

It is important make it simple and always make use of strategies to face such challenge to deliver a good presentation. To reach an audience, the presentation has to call attention and be interesting and, simplicity is the key.

How to prepare yourself for a good presentation?

  1. Get prepared for the presentation:
  • Make sure that the structure for the presentation is ready.
  • Understand the audience.
  • Prepare the content.
  • Take some time to practice.
  1. Structure to tell the information:
  • Summarise the subject and tell for the audience as an introduction.
  • Develop the content of your presentation clearly and simple and then, tell the audience everything that you came for.
  • Reinforce the audience everything that you just have told them and allow a time for questions.

Other important point for one presentation is determine how many slides and what template you will use.

There are other ways to do a presentation rather than slides.  The presentation also could be done by demonstration and on white board. Therefore, how you are going to do it will be another decision to make.

To tell the audience the story you must give them a context, some examples, and a conclusion. It will make the audience more connected with your presentation.

Never forget to take a deep breath. It is going to refresh your mind and will give you time to communicate everything you need instead of rushing and leaving the audience confused.

This is just some general tips that may help you to be able to connect with your audience and delivery a good presentation.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips.