Today is our first day of the dashboard week and we are asked to use NSW opendata APIs. After looking for multiple API options I decided to work on Boat Ramp API.

Using Alteryx I transformed the data. However, I wasn’t sure about how I would be visualizing the data; as if I plot all the Boat ramp on the map it will just be a cluster of points. I wanted something to segregate them into groups. I searched on google about the NSW regions and its postcodes; Joining this data got me regions in NSW for these Boat Ramps.

Now that my data was prepped I moved on to Tableau to create Dashboard.

The data consists of Boat Ramps across NSW. Amongst many other fields it had flags for 9  amenities provided at the Boat Ramps; which are- BBQ facilities, Fish cleaning tables, Fuel refilling station, Kiosk is present, Lighting is present, Pontoon is in the vicinity of the boat, Pontoon is adjacent to the boat ramp, Toilets are available at or near the boat and if Waste bins are available.

I created a couple of bar charts for the average score, count of Ramps, and top 5 boat Ramps, along with a map to show the Boat Ramps locations.

For my map, I wanted to do something with MapBox. I remember Vinodh doing cool stuff with MapBox and hence with the help of his blog and his guidance provided over twitter I was able to get my first MapBox map. Thanks, Vinodh for your quick help and patience.

Here is my final Dashboard. Happy Dashboard week!!!



Iram Javed
Author: Iram Javed