Today was day 2 of Dashboard week and our task was to scrape data from and put a dashboard together. I have no clue about the terms used in horse racing hence the most challenging thing for me was to understand the terms. Overall it was an

Data Prep

Scraping data was fun. With lots of use of regex and other tools in Alteryx.

Dashboard making

Now coming to Dashboard making, I tried many kinds of charts starting from everyone’s favorite bar chart to scatterplots. Then I tried to build my viz around a particular horse, but somehow was not getting hold of any interesting story to tell. Time was ticking and by evening I had to finish my dashboard so decided to start building my raw charts again.

I started with histograms and decided to make my viz around the various factors of a horse. And then from histogram to unit charts and then to compare two horses for the factors; where they are placed within the charts.

Here is how my final dashboard looks like.

Mobile-Friendly dashboard

For the first time, I made a mobile compatible dashboard. It wasn’t too hard as I already had my dashboard in long-form. With a few tweaks in headings and placing parameters and text boxes, I was done with the Mobile-friendly dashboard as well.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s challenge!!!










Iram Javed
Author: Iram Javed