Today was Day 3 of the dashboard week and we had been given the task to create a dashboard in PowerBI. Interesting thing was that we were not allowed to use Alteryx for any data transformation unless we absolutely need it. So here I started with the first step of Data Transformation.

Data Transformation

Joining data, Pivoting and unpivoting using Edit queries was simple. However, other than the Titanic full dataset I wanted to work on the Titanic stats Dataset as well. Which looked like.

There were a few issues with the data here.

1. First is that Column1 didn’t have values for all the rows. for that simple fill down option in Transform Pane worked out well.

2. There was a Total row as the last row. Which I got rid of by remove rows option

3. There was a total row for every gender/Category. Now the remove row option only has the option to remove rows from the top, bottom, alternate, duplicate or blanks rows. After fiddling around the options available in the Query Editor, I realized that the filter option works just as nicely as in excel. so I filtered the ‘Total’ value from the list and hit Close and Apply, to get all the total rows filtered from the data. Pretty easy 🙂

Dashboard in PowerBI

The first chart I made was on the Survival rate by Country. I brought on the map as well to show the Survival rate.

The second chart I made was utilizing the market place. This one was a sunburst chart to visualize the difference between people boarded and Survived. This can be filtered by the class.

Finally, I added bookmarks to the dashboards to go forward and backward.

With that, I am over with Dashboard week Day 3. All set for day four!!!


Iram Javed
Author: Iram Javed