While preparing for my Hollywood’s most profitable movie’s Dashboard; for one of my charts, I wanted to show row headers even if they don’t have any data for them. I had 6 Genre with the most profitable movies under them.

However, not every year we had movies for all the Genres. For eg. in 2008, we had entries only for 5 of the Genres and in 2007 we had entries for only under 2 Genres.

I had a filter on year and I wanted to show all the Genre names in the row header, even when there are no entries for them in a particular year. This is to make the viewer aware of the Genres where we do not have any entries under the Most profitable movies for that year.

To get these row headers, there is a simple setting in Tableau as ‘Show Empty Rows’ under Analysis Menu, which keeps the row headers even if there is no data for them.


By setting the ‘Show Empty Rows’  for my chart I got all the row headers for all the Genres. The Genres where we do have any data came with no bars; which is what I wanted.

Similarly to show Columns Headers even if you don’t have data under them you can set ‘Show Empty Columns’

Hope this tip was helpful and saves some of your time looking for this specific solution.





Iram Javed
Author: Iram Javed