On our first day we have been asked about our expectations from Data School, so here is what I expect from Data School to help me develop over these 16 weeks of the training-


Presentation Skills

To be successful in the market you need to know how to sell yourself, and that require strong communication skills along with technical skills. Communication skills are not just speaking in front of the audience; it is an art of representing a subject with ease. Since this is going to be a weekly exercise during the training period I am sure that I will improve my presentation skills here.


Writing Blogs

This is the first blog I have ever written, and I have already started feeling the importance of it. Its a good way to retrospect on what you have learned, create a brand voice and get recognized. I understand that it is something which will improve over the period but I would like to get more conforming on my blog writing.


Understand Australian work culture

Since this is my first job in Australia I want to know more about how things work here. Understanding Australian work culture will be essential once we are out for placements.


Learn Visualization Best Practices

Visualization is another important aspect of communication, as they say, a picture is worth 1000 words. I would like to gain in-depth knowledge in data visualization best practices, based on the type of data we are working on, along with the audience who we are supposed to present data. Apart from aesthetically pleasing; these visualizations must be easily consumable by the Audience. Representing data in different beautiful styles is important at the same time is not drifting away from the key points to highlight.


I know, this list will go up as I progress with the Training, and I am all game for it!!

Iram Javed
Author: Iram Javed