At Data school we have to present on every Friday, either to Client or for the Friday challenges. In the last couple of weeks, we have seen some good improvements in Presentation skills of our cohort. Every week we are being critiqued not only on the content we present but also on the way we present. Our presentations get recorded, which can be seen later to identifying the areas to improve. So here are the top tips I can give on how to present with confidence, based on what I have learned so far.




Nothing is more important than rehearsing. Every time we rehearse we will come to know the shortcomings in our presentation. Rehearsing a presentation not only helps you get comfortable with the sequence of presentation but also improve your confidence in the content. It also helps to identify if our arguments are convincing enough. You can rehearse alone; maybe in front of a mirror or in front of the team. Both has its benefits. Rehearsing in front of the mirror helps you in identifying issues with your posture and expressions. However, rehearsing with the team, you get the real presentation experience and may get possible questions raised in advance; which will help us in our actual presentation.


Keep your presentation clean and simple


Some time to make our presentation interesting we put some complex information; with which we ourselves are not comfortable with. If you present something very complicated that gets you confused while presenting; then unknowingly you pass on that confusion to the audience as well. Keep the presentations simple while moving the more complex part in Annexure, which can be discussed later if required.

Slow Down


It is quite natural that when we are nervous we want to deliver your presentation quickly. Because of that usually, people talk much faster in presentations than usual. There is a difference between normal talk and presentation. To make a connection with listeners we need to slow down to let your audience absorb what is being said. Take deliberate pauses in between your sentences. Ask a question to know if people are following it. Most of the skilled presenters keep a 3-second gap after every section; which helps people absorb the content better.

Get accustomed with the Presentation spot in advance


If the presentation location is new to you, try to reach there early. As naturally, when we reach a new place we get anxious; let alone for a presentation. It will help you get comfortable with the surroundings. It is very important to make yourself familiar with the presentation area as well. Also, it gives you time to set up your stuff so that you do not look rushed.


Maintain a good posture


Lastly, a good posture will make you look more confident even if you are not. When you maintain a good posture you look more alert and assured, which is important when you are presenting. So maintain a good posture while you present.


So these are my top 5 tips for a good presentation. People get better with things that they practice and so is with the presentation skills. So don’t miss any chance to present as that will only make you a better and confident speaker!!!

Iram Javed
Author: Iram Javed