Recreating dashboards is a very good way to practice Tableau skills. This blog post is about the key take away from Workout Wednesday week 2 in 2020 – how to create date selection parameters with last 12 months, last 13 weeks and last 14 days based on today’s date – 01/01/2020. Because they all have similar logic, I’ll use ‘Last 12 months’ as an example.


1. based on the question, set 1/1/2020 as today using parameter


2. create custom date from ‘Order Date’ with detail in ‘Days’, ‘Months’ and ‘Week numbers’.


3. Create calculation for each custom date. For example, Last 12 Months.


4. create date selection parameter and show parameter.


5. create calculation for date selection parameter.


6. drag date selection calculation to filter and select ‘True’. Then we can have the final dashboard.


I do agree Ann Jackson‘s word:”The devil is in the details” when recreating dashboards. All these details contain so many good tips for Tableau skills. Highly recommend!!!





Ivy Yin
Author: Ivy Yin