Finally comes the much anticipated Dashboard Week! For the first day challenge, our task is to download data from Spotify using API and make a visualization out of it. Because I don’t have Spotify account, Junya generously shared her account with me. Therefore I decided to access data about ‘User Read Recently Played’ to analyse 50 songs she heard recently.


Download Data


Different from what our training practice, this time we need to use Python tool to refresh the token because of the request limitation. It was quite confusing but useful. Using the file Jonathon’s Python script, I manage to get the authorization and process the data. It’s just a simple workflow. First parsing data to a workable format. Then use regex to get the track uri for URL Action in Tableau. Finally, output two hyper files with column ‘Table 1’ and ‘Table 2’ for the Radial Line Graph.








The main challenge in visualization is the Radial Line Graph. I checked many music visualizations on Tableau Public for inspiration. Inspired by Metallica Studio Albums by Paul Rossman, I decided to build a Radial Line Graph.


To make this graph, I need to create calculation to get

  1. Order Path
  2. Radial Field
  3. Radial Normalised Length
  4. Radial Angle
  5. Radial X
  6. Radial Y

Besides, I also embedded a Spotify Player in the dashboard using the link<Track uri>

Here is the link to my final dashboard.




Ivy Yin
Author: Ivy Yin